This mid-century home came complete with a 30’ x 15’ concrete patio slab that was 5’ below the living space of the house, making it feel more like an outdoor basement than an outdoor living room. By dividing the space into 2 levels, we were able to better connect it to the house and, at the same time, create a more intimate space. Terracing a wide step-down connected the 2 levels beautifully - eliminating the need for railings and allowing for better traffic flow. An outdoor fireplace with hanging privacy panels on either side seclude the neighbors views and further the illusion of bringing the indoors out. Lastly, we worked with local architect, Michael Morse, to create the gorgeous shed roof structure that mimics the roofline of the house and opens upward to enhance backyard viewing. Comfortable, luxurious seating and plenty of potted greenery finish out the space.